From skepticism to faith: Christ shows a doubter his true identity
Date: Feb 14, 2021
Time: Morning
Text: John 1:43–51
The LORD's appointed judge gives out his judgments
Date: Jan 24, 2021
Time: Morning
Text: Judges 7:24—8:28
Series: Judges
The LORD gives us victory through a man of weakness.
Date: Jan 17, 2021
Time: Morning
Text: Judges 6:33—7:23
Series: Judges
The LORD raises up a new judge to bring about a new Exodus
Date: Jan 10, 2021
Time: Morning
Text: Judges 6:1–32
Series: Judges
Join together in prayer that God's people may be reunited and refreshed
Date: Jan 3, 2021
Time: Morning
Text: Romans 15:30–33
At all times in 2021, trust and acknowledge the LORD!
Date: Dec 31, 2020
Time: Evening
Text: Proverbs 3:5–6
Come to the city the Lord has built
Date: Dec 27, 2020
Time: Morning
Text: Isaiah 26:1–10
An army of angels praise God for the birth of our Saviour.
Date: Dec 25, 2020
Time: Morning
Text: Luke 2:13–14
Our Lord Jesus came into this world as our great prophet to speak the truth
Date: Dec 13, 2020
Time: Morning
Text: Deuteronomy 18:15–22
Christ Jesus came into this world to give us poor people true riches
Date: Dec 6, 2020
Time: Morning
Text: 2 Corinthians 8:9
Persevere with joy through the midst of God-given trials
Date: Nov 29, 2020
Time: Morning
Minister: Rev Joe Poppe
Text: James 1:2–12
Our loving saviour Jesus Christ prays for the good of his church
Date: Nov 22, 2020
Time: Morning
Text: John 17:20–26
God has made himself known to us as God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.
Date: Nov 8, 2020
Time: Afternoon
Minister: Rev Joe Poppe
Text: Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 9