Sermon on September 29, 2019
The suffering servant is exalted!
Time: Morning
Texts: Genesis 41:51–52
AM LITURGY: Rev. M. Jagt VOTUM COVENANT GREETING Singing: Hymn 78:1-3 (standing) THE TEN WORDS OF THE COVENANT Singing: Psalm 119:17, 18 PRAYER SCRIPTURE READING: Genesis 41:1-57 Singing: Psalm 75:4, 6 SCRIPTURE TEXT: Genesis 41:51, 52 The suffering servant is exalted! He names his sons: 1. Manasseh 2. Ephraim Singing: Psalm 40:1, 2 (standing) Prayer OFFERINGS: Anchor Singing: Hymn 23:1-5 (standing) BENEDICTION Things to listen for: Rags. Muscle. Dutch. Road. Short. Stump