Sermon on October 3, 2021
The LORD cleanses the earth!
Time: Morning
Texts: Genesis 6, Genesis 6:5–18
AM Worship service order: Pastor Marc Jagt Gathering in the name of the Lord Greeting from our God Singing: Psalm 97:1, 3 The Law of our God Singing: Psalm 51:1 PRAYER SCRIPTURE READING: Genesis 6:1-22 (5-18) Singing: Psalm 32:1, 3 SCRIPTURE TEXT: Genesis 6:1-22 (5-18) The LORD cleanses the earth! 1. guilt 2. grace Singing: Hymn 70:1-4 Prayer OFFERINGS: Deaconry Singing: Psalm 98:1, 2, 4 Benediction Things to listen for: Sink in. Rumours. Garbage. Flying. Dice. Wedding. Reckless.