Sermon on November 21, 2021
Christ has conquered!
Time: Afternoon
Texts: Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 16
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PM LITURGY: Pastor Marc Jagt Gathering in the name of the Lord Greeting from our God Singing: Psalm 91:1-3 Prayer SCRIPTURE READING: Romans 6:1-23 Singing: Psalm 116:5, 9 OUR CONFESSION: Lord’s Day 16 Christ has conquered! 1. physical death 2. spiritual death 3. eternal death Singing: Hymn 44:1, 3, 4 Profession of faith: Nicene Creed Prayer OFFERINGS: Deaconry Singing: Hymn 41:1-3 Benediction Things to listen for: Lion. Rome. Tree. Garden. Laugh. Root. Job.