Sermon on March 5, 2023
Jesus – the light of the world.
Texts: John 8:12, Isaiah 60, John 1:1–14
AM Worship service order Gathering in the name of the Lord Greeting from our God Singing: Psalm 27:1, 2, 4 Ten Words of God's Covenant Singing: Psalm 111:5 PRAYER SCRIPTURE READING: Isaiah 60:1-22, John 1:1-14 Singing: Psalm 36:1, 3 SCRIPTURE TEXT: John 8:12 Jesus – the light of the world. Singing: Let all Things Now Living 1,2 PRAYER OFFERINGS: Deaconry Singing: Hymn 22:1, 2 Benediction Things to listen for: Fiery. Rituals. Safe. Jerusalem. Ugly. Aha. Twilight.