Sermon on December 3, 2023
How the Gibeonites’ Deception of Joshua Points Us to Jesus.
Time: Morning
Texts: Joshua 9:14–15, Joshua 9, Matthew 3:1—4:11
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AM Worship service order Gathering in the name of the Lord Greeting from our God Singing: Psalm 138:1,3 Ten Words of God's Covenant Singing: Psalm 25:5 PRAYER SCRIPTURE READING: Joshua 9, Matthew 3:1-4:11 Singing: Psalm 25:6,7 SCRIPTURE TEXT: Joshua 9:14-15 How the Gibeonites’ deception of Joshua points us to Jesus. 1. Joshua fell for a temptation. 2. Jesus did not fall for any temptation. 3. Jesus is so much greater than Joshua Singing: Psalm 139:13 PRAYER OFFERINGS: CRWRF Singing: Hymn 79:1,2,5 Benediction