Sermon on December 31, 2023
Let Us Confess: God Alone Is Our Home!
Time: Afternoon
Texts: Psalm 90
PM Worship service order Gathering in the name of the Lord Greeting from our God Singing: Ps. 92:1,2,3,6 Prayer SCRIPTURE READING: Psalm 90 Singing: Ps. 90:1,2,6 SCRIPURE TEXT: Psalm 90 Let us confess: God alone is our home! 1. lament 2. petition Singing: Hy. 55:1-3 Profession of Faith: Apostles’ Creed: Hy. 54:1-3 Prayer OFFERINGS: CCC Singing: Ps. 90:7,8 Benediction Things to listen for: Egg. Wolves. Façade. Cup. Weigh. Sunshine.