Sermons from Psalm
Worship or Warfare: The Birth of the King of Kings Demands a Response
Date: Dec 25, 2019
Time: Morning
Text: Matthew 2:1–12
God Calls Us to a Life of True Worship
Date: Oct 13, 2019
Time: Morning
Text: Psalm 50
The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is our God and our Father.
Date: May 26, 2019
Time: Afternoon
Text: Psalm 104:1–9
A building for the building of a building
Date: May 19, 2019
Time: Morning
Text: 1 Corinthians 3:9
There will be suffering, but will there also be faith?
Date: Dec 30, 2018
Time: Morning
Text: Hebrews 12:1–13
Be silent, for then you can hear God speak
Date: Sep 2, 2018
Time: Morning
Text: Psalm 62:7–8
The hand of the LORD works wonderfully for His church.
Date: Apr 8, 2018
Time: Morning
Text: Psalm 119:33–56